LEGO 8685-1 Toa Kopaka Used

Toa Kopaka - LEGO set #8685-1
Toa Kopaka - LEGO set #8685-1
Toa Kopaka - LEGO set #8685-1
Toa Kopaka - LEGO set #8685-1
Toa Kopaka - LEGO set #8685-1

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Toa Kopaka (LEGO 8685-1) is a BIONICLE set released in January 2008. It contains 54 pieces. Toa Kopaka is the Toa Nuva of Ice from the Phantoka subtheme. He is armed with his Midak Skyblaster tipped with the Blizzard Blade. He was supposed to ride the Jetrax T6 but it was hijacked by Antroz before he got into it.

Set comes with 54 pieces.

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