Brick Mini Micro Toy Soldier Pack

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  • All Nano Soldier Figures are originally designed and manufactured by Brick Mini™
  • Nano Soldier Figures are injection-cast from high-quality ABS plastic
  • Contains 11 pieces total
  • Choking hazard. Small Parts. Intended Age: 15+

Brick Mini™ Nano Soldiers bring life to your micro builds! Each figure is roughly 1:140/1:144 scale and stands about 1.25 cm tall (1.6 cm if you include their base and helmet). Use a Brick Mini™ 1x1 base frame around a nano soldier's base and you can make them stand seamlessly at ground level with their surroundings!

Includes the following:

  • 1 leader figure with binoculars
  • 1 standing figure aiming a rifle
  • 1 kneeling figure aiming a rifle
  • 1 walking figure carrying a rifle down low
  • 1 walking figure carrying a rifle up high
  • 1 kneeling figure aiming a bazooka
  • 1 figure holding a sub-machine gun and throwing a grenade
  • 1 scout figure with a pistol
  • 1 tank driver half-figure (upper torso and head)
  • 1 open tank hatch (fits around the base of the tank driver)
  • 1 closed tank hatch (fits on a single stud)

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