LEGO 70733-1 Blaster Bike Used

Blaster Bike - LEGO set #70733-1 - 1
Blaster Bike - LEGO set #70733-1 - 2
Blaster Bike - LEGO set #70733-1 - 3
Blaster Bike - LEGO set #70733-1 - 4
Blaster Bike - LEGO set #70733-1 - 5

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Blaster Bike - Preview 1
Blaster Bike - Preview 2
Blaster Bike - Preview 3
Blaster Bike - Preview 4
Blaster Bike - Preview 5

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Blaster Bike (LEGO #70733-1) is a neat LEGO set from the Ninjago theme. Ride Cole’s Blaster Bike into battle and protect the Aeroblade! The Ghost Warrior Cowler is armed with a deadly Ghost Blade Sword and is launching an aerial attack on a Ghost Dragon. Fold out the awesome dual six-shooting rapid shooters to take down the flying beast. Speed away from the pair of Skreemers trying to turn Cole into a ghost and don’t let them get their hands on the Aeroblade! Includes 2 minifigures with assorted weapon elements and an accessory element: Cole and Ghost Warrior Cowler.

Set comes with 2 minifigures and 212 pieces.

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