LEGO 70909-1 Batcave Break-In

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Batcave Break-In (LEGO 70909-1) is a LEGO Batman Movie set. It includes Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, a Bat-Pack Batsuit, a Raging Batsuit, and a Scu-Batsuit, as well as villains in the form of The Penguin and two of his hench-Penguins. The Batcave consists of a central computer area, with main rotating platform containing a chair and console, both facing a screen. Attached to the sides are two 'arms' capable of holding accessories such as batarangs. A smaller platform swings up and down to allow access to this level. The lefttmost area is Batman's suit storage; behind it, a prison for locking up villains. To the right is a rotating costume change area. Catwalks connect all these locations. In addition to this, the set includes a Batboat, labelled the "Riptide", and a toy duck-shaped amphibious vehicle armed with flick-fire missiles.

Set comes with 7 minifigures and 1045 pieces.

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