Gold Brick Standard™
Version 1.0 - September 2017


The Gold Brick Standard™ is a set of guidelines for resellers of Building Block sets such as LEGO®, Mega Bloks or K'NEX. It is can be adhered to and referenced by compliant resellers.


Inspection should be performed on all building sets. New building sets should be inspected for sealed packaging to ensure that new condition is fulfilled. Used sets must have a full part inspection performed to ensure quality and consistency of a building set.

Condition Labeling

Sets should be labeled with one of the following specific conditions:

  • New - All packaging still in tact
  • Open Box - Seal broken but otherwise unopened packaging
  • Used - All other conditions

Brand Consistency

Whenever possible a building set should be composed of the same building block manufacturer. If not feasibly possible, building set listing should clearly list all substituted parts as well as substitution method.

Example Violation

A LEGO® branded set listing containing a Mega Block brick without substitution statement is out of guide boundries.

Part Quality

All building set parts should be free of the following undesireable conditions:

  • Breaks
  • Distortions
  • Significant Yellowing
  • Significant Teeth Marks
  • Significant Dust
  • Significant Wear

Set Completion

Selling sets in an incomplete state is highly discouraged. If completion is not possible, Building sets should clearly labeled with any missing building block parts.

Building sets are considered complete if full inventory is present. It is not necessary that all parts originated from original sale of the building set. Substitutions can be freely made among the same color, configuration and manufacturer.

Examples Violations

A building set part intended to be dark grey but substituted with light grey is out of guideline boundaries.

A building set part intended to fit a 1 by 4 knob footprint but substituted with 2 parts with 1 by 2 footprint is out of guideline boundaries.

Remedies for Violation

When a challenge to Gold Brick Standard guidelines is received, the reseller should respond with one of the following remedies for violation:

  • Provide remedy of substitution or completion free of charge.
  • Provide partial refund as agreed upon by both parties.
  • Provide full refund of returned building set with breach of guidelines.