Sell Your LEGO® Sets, New or Used

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The Plastic Brick buys all themes & types of LEGO® sets in both used & new condition.

Selling your LEGO sets is easy. We take care of everything: payment, shipping and cleaning. You will always receive an offer that is based on current selling price of sets in similar condition to your LEGO® sets..

Please complete our sell form to the best of your ability to receive an offer from The Plastic Brick.

LEGO® Sell Form FAQ’s

I don’t know the set number of my LEGOs?
Set numbers are usually a 4-5 digit number that is shown on boxes and instructions near the title of the set or in a corner. This is the quickest way to identify a LEGO set.
What counts as "New" condition?
Unfortunately, as soon as even one poly bag of LEGOs is opened, it can no longer be sold as new condition and the value of the LEGO set declines. Also, if the box has any broken seals, please list box as "damaged." Many LEGO sets are for collectors that want new and still sealed sets in their original boxes.
Does The Plastic Brick buy LEGO sets outside the United States?
Currently, shipping costs make it uneconomical to purchase LEGO Sets outside the USA and Canada.
Does The Plastic Brick buy LEGO Sets that are mixed together?
The time and extra risk (since the seller cannot verify completeness) involved in purchasing mixed sets substantially reduces our offer on these LEGO collections. Please indicate if this is the case with your LEGO Collection. Often people list set numbers as shown on instruction books. Be aware that certain sets have multiple instructions booklets, typically indicated as a page with a number in one of the corners.
What if I only have an assortment of LEGO pieces and not sets?
We do purchase bulk LEGO in select situations. Please check that you do not have off-brand or non-LEGO toys in the collection. Offers are typically made on a per pound/kg basis; you would need to have at least 25 lbs to interest us. Please contact us if you are interested in selling LEGO by the pound.
How long does it take to receive payment?
Exact timelines are difficult to determine due to the unpredictability of what other collections we may be working on, their condition and their overall size. Naturally, we are eager to sell sets and will not list sets until we have issued payment to the seller.
How do I receive payment?
Payments are typically sent via PayPal. This is one of the more secure, speedy and reliable ways to make sure that your money reaches you. In unique circumstances, other payment methods may be negotiated.
What if I do not hear back from you?
We do not respond to all submissions since we receive hundred of LEGO sell form submissions every month, and we do no have the time or money to followup on them all. If you have reached our thank you page, your information has been submitted successfully and we have received your information.

The Plastic Brick’s LEGO® Sell Form