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LEGO MC Escher, Castle, and Iron Builder! | RebelLUG Builds 05.22.20

Friday, 22 May 2020
By Rebel LUG

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Builds Featured:
Kevin (Brick Ninja): Castle Book MOC
Simon (Si-Mocs): MC Escher Drawing Hands MOC
Bryce (Brick Built Replicas): Chainsaw MOC
Nick (Nick Brick): Gaige & Deathtrap
Nathaniel (NS Brick Designs): Mandalorian & The Child
Dayton (Odyssey Builds): Scarif
Tommy (TTrooper): Riots on Corellia
Micah (hachimbricks): The City of Hexaton
Wout (WG Productions): EPISODE LXIX BTS
Caleb (LegoHobbitFan): Cyber Central
Joe (jnj_bricks): The Quest
Luka (First Order Lego): Howl's Moving Castle
Noah (h2_brick): Skirmish on Yerbana
Nick (Nick Brick): Drones Muse Album Cover
Daniel (Daniel Barwegen): Valermo Home
Jake (Mountain Hobbit): Minas Tirith
Pande (Malen Garek): Brickzlab Fallen Order Dathomir
Caleb (Elven Ranger): Nameless Fear
Kaleb (llego_pig): The Vanishing of Will Byers


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