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Kingdoms at War II: East vs. West Recap

Friday, 15 October 2021
By Rebel LUG

Hello there, the legendary RebelLUG collab Kingdoms at War goes into the second round: East vs. West! This time, RebelLUG members in groups of two had to align themselves to either team East (Red) or team West (Blue) and combine their builds into one story. Every group could decide if they want to combine their builds into one picture or have two separate MOCs.
The decision if team Red or team Blue has won will be determined by FOLs on our public Discord server. Do you think team Red has won, or rather team Blue?
Make sure to join our Discord server and vote for your team!
Link to our Discord server:

Check out more RebelLUG:
RL FOL Hangout:

Host: JastaBrick (


Apply to RebelLUG:


#legocreations #lego #moc

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