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I Found the WEIRDEST LEGO on the Internet | Top 10 MOCs of the Week

Wednesday, 10 July 2024
By Brick Vault

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????MOC #10:
“Perfect dive” by FOXduFutur
????MOC #9:
“Where the Falling Tears Reach the Sky” by Eero Okkonen
????MOC #8:
“Light in the Darkness” by Legonerdphotos
????MOC #7:
“Godzilla (2004) by VelociJACKtor
????MOC #6:
“Fetch!” by DOGOD Brick Design
????MOC #5
“I’m truly sorry about this one” :) by Maxx Davidson
????MOC #4
“The Seven” by Rick Brickham
????MOC #3
“Bonsai” & “Cloud Surfer” by Thomas Jenkins
????MOC #2
“The Garden of the Goddess” by Mihai Marius Michu
????MOC #1
“Ground Control to Major Tomcat” by Miscellanabuilds

Honorable mentions:
????“Ferrari F40 V12” by Fabrice Larcheveque
????“Bianca, the Springstress” by Miscellanabuilds
????“It is my labor to enchant you, won't you smile for me?” by nu_montag
????“Crystal Caves of Ilum” by r_t_zan
????“Robots from The Black Hole (1979)” by j-p-30
????“Hooda-Rock” by Dwaine Forkbeard
????“Aquanauts Seacrane heavy lift sub” by Duncan Linda
????“Stingrays - crabot” by Ids de Jong
????“A tribute to Yoshi's Island” by Clément
????“Troll Warship Dragon” by talego
????“LEGO Classic Space Landspeeder” by martin.with.bricks
????“Bone Shepard” by NateMakesMOCs
????“LEGO Inside Out” by mc tung
????“Shark Fighter” by Damien Labrousse

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