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Adult watches to be available again [Miscellaneous]

A blog about watches, A Blog to Watch, revealed yesterday that LEGO watches for adults will be available again. The last time you could buy them was back in the 1990s: since then LEGO watches have had small faces and been aimed squarely at kids.

Now ClicTime is launching a new adult range in November, featuring similar interchangeable straps and so on that the kids ones have, with both plastic and aluminium bezels.

It looks as if there will something like 25 different ones so there should be something for every taste. The Brick Fan has posted images of them all in a neat gallery, so go and see which ones take your fancy. Prices are said to be $85-$185.

I used to wear LEGO watches but now I favour Swatch Skin, which are so thin and light you hardly know you have one on, so I probably won't be buying any of these.

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