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TIE Striker - LEGO set #75154-1

TIE Striker - LEGO set #75154-1

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    • Part Number
    • 75154-1
    • Production Year
    • 2016
    • Pieces
    • 543
    • Minifigs
    • 4

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TIE Striker - LEGO set #75154-1 TIE Striker - LEGO set #75154-1 TIE Striker - LEGO set #75154-1 TIE Striker - LEGO set #75154-1 TIE Striker - LEGO set #75154-1 TIE Striker - LEGO set #75154-1 TIE Striker - LEGO set #75154-1 

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TIE Striker (LEGO 75154-1) is a Star Wars set released in 2016. The TIE Striker was a streamlined variant of the TIE line starfightersused by the Galactic Empire for in-atmosphere engagements and the defense of important Imperial bases. Though designed for atmosphere, it could also function in space and accompany traditional TIE fighters. Equipped with advanced high-speed wings, it was faster than the standard TIE/LN starfighter and had an extra pair of laser barrels.

Open the minifigure cockpit from the top or front and put in the TIE Pilot. Help the Imperial ground crew member put supplies in the rear hold and arm the spring-loaded shooters. Then adjust the huge wings and launch into the skies in search of rebels!

Set comes with 4 minifigures and 541 pieces.

Take a look at our photos to get a closer look at the set and its features.

This LEGO set is guaranteed to be 100% complete.

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