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Classic Space Logo (by Joel.Baker) I just liked this little...

Classic Space Logo (by Joel.Baker)

I just liked this little composition to create a LEGO space logo out of bricks.

LEGO Good Morning Bilbo Baggins Minifigure Review

In this episode of Minifigure Madness, Jason looks at the Good Morning BIlbo Baggins minifigure that was a GameStop pre-order exclusive. Please Subscribe: ht...
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LEGO Super Star Destroyer is Retired + Others

Read More: http://bit.ly/1jJ9OIb After visiting the LEGO store today, we discover that the LEGO Super Star Destroyer set is retired. Please Subscribe: http:/...
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Motor Speedway - LEGO set #6381-1 Motor Speedway (LEGO #6381-1)...

Motor Speedway - LEGO set #6381-1

Motor Speedway (LEGO #6381-1) is a classic LEGO set from the Town theme. The motorists are lined up and ready to race. Film all the action and cheer from the stands! Add this set to your LEGO Town.

Set has 185 pieces and 5 minifigures.

View photos of item to see the features and details.

Guaranteed to be 100% complete.

LEGO Minecraft Easter Teaser Picture Shows Golden Creeper!

Read More: http://bit.ly/1eFHnfB The LEGO Minecraft Facebook page posted a teaser picture for the coming mini-figure scale sets. Source: https://www.facebook...
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