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Republic Gunship - LEGO set #7163-1 Republic Gunship (LEGO...

Republic Gunship - LEGO set #7163-1

Republic Gunship (LEGO #7163-1) is a neat LEGO set from the Star Wars Episode II theme. This is the first iteration of the Republic Gunship and it’s very impressive in it’s build features and minifigures. You get 8 total minifigures including a Jedi knight, 4 clone troopers, 2 extremely rare blue super battle droids and a destroyer droid. The set itself is very good, and this is one of my favorite Star Wars ships.

NOTE: The stickers are a bit rough in spots which is common for this era of sets due to a quality problem.

View photos of item to see the features and details.

Guaranteed to be 100% complete.

LEGO Hulk Minifigure (2012 vs 2014)

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Minecraft Animal Mobs Series 2 Pack Jazwares Review

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Lego: Pure Brainfood Created by Ben Gerstner This is a cool...

Lego: Pure Brainfood

Created by Ben Gerstner

This is a cool arrangement of LEGO pasta. It’a fantastic photo

Brick Race : LEGO Castle Forest Ambush (70400)

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